World’s most valuable brands

Gadgets and other technological products are becoming more and more important in our lives. We cannot imagine a life without a smart phone or a laptop. The technological companies are playing a major role these days. We can see this in the 100 list of most valuable brand names, made by Interbrand. Six out of the top ten companies are tech companies. What’s also really striking, Apple grew  in brand value with 43% in the last year.

Top 10

1: Apple (1) 170,28 billion dollar (+43%)
2: Google (2) 120,31 billion dollar (+12%)
3: Coca-Cola (3) 78,42 billion dollar (-4%)
4: Microsoft (5) 67,67 billion dollar (+11%)
5: IBM (4) 65.10 billion dollar (-10%)
6: Toyota (8) 49,05 billion dollar (+16%)
7: Samsung (7) 45,30 billion dollar (+-0%)
8: General Electric (6) 42,27 billion dollar (-7%)
9: McDonalds (9) 39,81 billion dollar (-6%)
10: Amazon (15) 37,95 billion dollar (+29%)

For the second year in a row Apple is the most valuable brand in the world, followed by Google according to the Interbrand ranking of the 100 most valuable brands. In the thirteen years before Coca Cola was the most valuable brand. To come up with this list Interbrand uses the following figures en data:

  • financial performance;
  • the power the brand name has for a customer;
  • the power the brand has in contrast to their competition.

In this year’s top 100 28 tech companies occur, which makes the technology sector the best represented one. So we can see that the tech companies are nowadays dominating the life’s of normal people. We can also see that the tech companies in the top ten, are growing while the other companies are losing in perspective of brand value. Furthermore, Facebook (rank 23) is becoming a more valuable brand than several car brands, like Volkswagen (rank 35) or oil companies like Shell (rank 78). That’s quite an surprising development.

Personally, I think this trend will proceed the next years. The technological sector will become even more important in our lives, as technological developments will continue and the possibilities grow further.

How do you feel about this? Do you think tech companies will continue to dominate these kind of lists? Or do you think that this is only a hype that will disappear?



One response to “World’s most valuable brands”

  1. 439301cl says :

    It is a very interest trend going on all over the world. In my opinion, the tremendous growth of brand value in technology industry mainly attributes to following 3 reasons:

    1. Frequent innovative breakthroughs keep impressing people
    Technology industry is going through amazing changes everyday. The freshness of new products and new services constantly stimulate the nerves of people, which increase the brand recognition quickly.

    2. Easiness to reach publicity
    New communication channels, like news feed and social network, keep people stay informed of the ongoing changes. Also, unlike traditional tangible goods, like McDonald and Toyota, you don’t always need to physically touch the products any more. For example, the easy access to Google makes it easier and faster to spread the name around.

    3. More customers
    Before, biggest brand names come from consumer goods since everyone needs them. Now, everyone need technology as well, which dramatically increase the user base of technology brands, enabling it to compete against traditional consumer goods.

    The change in the list of valuable brands over years is a great indicator of people’s changing lifestyle and mindset. People are going through an age where technology is coming to play a big role in their daily life. This growing trend will maintain for some more years but won’t keep forever. In my opinion, there will be a decrease in technology brands at some point of time when the industry will go through industry integration and some brands will disappear. We still need food, electricity and cars in our life right?

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