A useless toy or a game changing expedient?

Despite the fact that no average-customer has ever tried it in person, everybody knows what Samsung’s Gear VR is. In theory as being defined as a portable, wearable device to display a virtual reality, in practice … just an other Oculus Rift


We have seen pictures and we have read articles since 2010 about this kind of products, but we are far from integrate these devices in our life. In addition to this, when we think to any possible applications, the only thing that comes to our mind is the gaming industry.

In other worlds, right now they are complex and expensive toys.

Is not of this idea Audi, the famous automobile company. The German firm has find an innovative way to use the Samsung Gear VR to enhance the customer engagement. In simple words: a great marketing expedient. Audi, in order to support the launch of the new TT, have crated the first ever digital car showroom (these are the exact words used by Raju Sailopala, head of Sales at Audi city London) and it has provided all its115 Audi centres with the Samsung visors.

Customers can now choose the model, customize it and see it in a matter of second in first person. Audi has also recorded a test drive and now the customer can seat as in the passenger seat and enjoy the experience of a test drive.

After this first success, also another member of the Volkswagen Group has embraced this marketing strategy and has proposed at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show a virtual driving experience on the new amazing Lamborghini Huracan LP 610.

Audi will for sure leverage this new technology to open new stores in the great metropolis and capitals, where the space is a premium and there are no competitors, but will it dare to abandon the traditional dealerships?



One response to “A useless toy or a game changing expedient?”

  1. Angélica Rodríguez Mendoza says :

    Hi, I have tried the Samsung VR and is pretty good, despite is the only VR that I have ever tried.
    I also agree that gaming is not the only application for this headset, it could also hava applications in education or even in the sell of experience in virtual reality.

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