Amazon plans to build live video service

We all know Amazon. Amazon has once started as bookstore, but they were soon expanding their brand with several features. For example, they have Prime Video. With Prime Video you will be able to watch unlimited movies and TV shows. Not only do you have access to movies or TV shows, you have also access to music and books, and you have unlimited photo storage. All of this together will cost you $99 per year. Students even get a discount. The price is recently increased for the first time.

Amazon already announced that they will stop selling media-streaming devices from Google and Apple. In particular the devices that use streaming media players competing with Amazon. This will lead to a battle! Amazon will only promote and sell products from their own retailing strategy. Amazons shows that their streaming media channel is successful, their TV shows have won certain awards. Of course Amazon did not take this step without a reason. They are planning to combine their TV shows with on-demand programming. They already have a sort of Netflix with their Prime Video, but they would like to expand this. They already have reached out to CBS and NBC. CBS and NBC will potentially include their channels in Amazon’s Prime Video. Also will Amazon develop a live service with video entertainment. Amazon would challenge directly the cable providers with this new service.

It is now too early to complete agree that Amazon really will develop these feature, but there is definitely a chance. They already have spoken to certain companies. This will indicate that Amazon is really planning to develop this feature. Even more, because they have cut the streaming use of Google and Apple devices, this strengthens the rumors.

Amazon also revealed today their other new feature. They will launch a market place for handcrafted goods. This is a similar idea like Etsy; therefore they will directly compete with Etsy.



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