Don’t get pocketsurfed!

Your credit cards are not safe even in your wallet! A new trend of hacking known as pocket surfing gives hackers the ability to scan your credit card and acquire all of your credit card information such as the credit card number, name and PIN. For as little as 8 dollars, hackers can build a device capable of scanning credit cards with a range of 25 feet.

Chris Gilpin, the founder and CEO of the company SignalVault has managed to find a solution to the problem. His invention takes the form of a credit card, which is able to block all incoming radio frequency identification (RFID) signals. On a recent episode of Shark Tank (highly recommended show) Chris managed to strike an investment deal with Robert Herjavec  (CEO of one of the largest information security enterprises in the world) and is currently working on expanding his business and education others about the potential threats of pocketsurfers.

The device itself is simple. You put it into your wallet together with all of your credit cards and it will block out any potential hacker from scanning your cards. It does not require any batteries and lasts for 5 years.SignalVault-RFID-credit-card-protector-Shark-Tank-product

“Most consumers only worry about their personal information when they are making a purchase in-store or online.  Unfortunately, that is no longer the case.  Hackers can steal your credit or debit card information just by walking past you in a crowd and we all need to protect ourselves from this crime.” – Chris Gilpin

It seems more and more new innovations within the information technology sector such as the RFID require further innovations for extra security. Before we know it, hackers will find a way around the RFID blocker and we would need another device to counter this. When does this never ending vicious cycle ever stop?




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