The future of the Wearables

The future of the Wearables

When the first tablet was introduces in the Netherlands I was pessimistic about the future success. I was wrong, in 2013 there were already more than 5,6 million satisfied tablet users (tweakers, 2013).  When the first Wearable glasses was introduced, I was more optimistic but also asked myself, is this going to a success? Will people actually buy these glasses for navigation or will they use the ‘old fashion’ GPS on their smartphone.


Nowadays there are more and more wearables introduced like  the Google Glass and smartwatches of Apple and Samsung. These are technologies you can ‘wear’, like the most known glasses and watches. The provide users a continues monitoring option to their daily activities, the term ‘lifelogging’. You can use a wearable for example by exercising to monitor your heartrate, Facebook/twitter, GPS and route navigation, to monitor sleeping patterns etcetera.   Also newly gaming technologies like gloves and shoes who will extend the gaming experiences are introduced.  Companies are heavily competing in this new fast growing market, because everything is relatively new there is lots of market share to win. The big question is if these markets are going to succeed to grow out of the hype stage is a grown up market.

In daily businesses
maxresdefaultThe use of wearable glasses is growing in companies, they are used more and more to monitor the work performance of employees to make sure they are as efficient as possible.  Glasses are used for multiple sorts of situations, they can make things much easier, for example at workforces in big warehouses they could make use of glasses to see which pallets. This would result in faster daily activities, more efficient work  and more profit for companies.


A second example of the use of Google Glasses in hospitals in which they are testing glasses to see if the devices enhance the work of doctors. A medical school in California is incorporating the Glass into its program for medical students, who will learn their anatomy and clinical courses using the Google glass. Furthermore the glasses make the work faster and doctors do not have to actually use their hands to look for files or in computers, they can search with a blink of an eye though the digital files and can stay all the time at the patient.

After reading all sorts of information about the wearables I have much more confidence about their future. By wearing these glasses people could look up things much easier  and in my opinion this is a real big benefit. Lives could be saved, if something unexpected happens like a accident you could help faster after seeing in your glasses how to reanimate than by looking up how to do this. I still have some concerns about everyone wearing some kind of computers on their faces but in my opinion the wearables will get the benefit of the doubts!

Do you want to share a situation in which wearable glasses could make a change?


One response to “The future of the Wearables”

  1. Martin A. K. says :

    Very interesting article!

    I think there are many ways in which smart glasses and other wearables will make a difference and have a significant impact. But what I like the most about these advances in tech is that they allow us, the consumers, to make a choice from a much larger selection. With new technological advances we are decreasing limits. It is no longer about making things convenient or ‘fit’, it is about making things different. So, in the future you might be able to implant a chip that has the power of a smartphone, with a display directly linked to your retina. But you can also just stick to a handheld device. The future is up to you, the consumer – or at least I hope it will be.

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