The “Ultimate Laptop”— Microsoft Surface book


In the Microsoft Press Conference held by yesterday, Microsoft surprised people by this “one more thing” — Surface book. As one brand-new member of the Surface lineup, it is a 13.5-inch laptop offering the PixelScreen with 3000*2000 pixel resolution (267 pixels per inch) and weights 3.3 pounds (Matthew, 2015). It has the 6th Generation Intel Core I5 processor and the battery life claimed by Microsoft around 12 hours (Pierce, 2015). Operating system carried by Surface book is the latest Windows 10 Pro and Microsoft also enhances the support of Surface Pen which is bundled with the laptop for improving the user experience of the touch interface. Furthermore, similar to the Surface Pro, the display is detachable from the keyboard by long pressing the keyboard button. Basically, Surface Book is slimmer, light, convertible, portable and it can work in the form of both tablet and laptop, provide users a more convenient way to operate their devices in a variety of conditions.

Surface book as a masterpiece, undoubtedly brings nightmare for other PC manufactures. MacBook Product line from Apple will be treated as one of the main comparisons. Interestingly, Microsoft actually did a comprehensive comparison between surface book and MacBook Pro.

Display: PixelSense beats Retina

As mentioned before, the display of surface book is 3000*2000 pixel resolution (267 pixels per inch). Whereas the Retina display of MacBook Pro is 2560*1600 pixel resoulution (227 pixels per inch). Besides, MacBook Pro displays only 91.2% of the sRGB color gamut; Microsoft claimed that Surface Book is able to show 100% of the sRGB color gamut (Phillip, 2015).

Processor and Storage

Surface Book runs on either a Core i5 or Core i7 processor from Intel while MacBook Pro provides two options that are 2.7GHz dual Core i5 or 2.9 dual-core i5 chip processor. Surface Book offers 128GB with the extra option for 1TB storage upgrade; this is a greater capacity beyond MacBook Pro (Phillip, 2015).


The base model of Surface Book is $ 1499 which costs $200 extra compared to the base model of 13- inch Macbook Pro.

A brief table of comparison is shown below:


Despite all that, the difference between Windows and OS X is one crucial factor of consumer’s purchasing decision as well. As announced by Microsoft, the operating speed for Surface Book is two times faster than MacBook Air, which makes it even more attractive for consumers. Now, probably many people are expecting how Apple is going to response to the Surface Book: a laptop/tablet hybrid combine iPad and MacBook.

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  1. 359775rs says :

    I’ve been following the developments of the laptop market for a while now and I like the direction that Microsoft is going with this. For those interested, during the press conference Microsoft showed two possibilities: tablet- and laptop mode. However, the laptop also lets you use the ”tent mode”. This one is shown in this preview:
    This does make it a very diverse laptop. If you want to make notes during a meeting, use the tablet mode. When writing code: use the laptop mode. When watching a movie on the train, use the tent mode.

    One thing I am wondering about though, if Microsoft is not cannibalising one of their other product lines, the soon to come out Surface Pro 4. Seeing as that is a tablet with laptop features and this is a laptop with tablet features. One could argue that they are quite differently priced however. I’m very impressed how they were able to fit a dedicated GPU in a 13” laptop this size. One of my main concerns is the price, especially for the Dutch market. The cheapest version with a dedicated GPU is $1,899 (i5 processor, 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM). If one converts this to Euros it would currently amount to about €1687. However, prices in the USA are always without taxes so +20% BTW and bear in mind that history shows us that American companies often use a 1:1 dollar-euro conversion rate when pricing their products. This would mean that the Surface Book could become a very expensive book. Also we might have to wait around six months for it to be released here (

    Personally, I also wonder about the claims Panos Panay made during the press conference. He claimed the Surface book to be twice as powerful as the Mac Book Pro 13″. This would probably only count for the most expensive version with a quad core processor in it.
    Lastly, I wonder if the 3000×2000 resolution will give scaling issues similarly to the 4k screens we’ve been seeing on certain high end laptops as of late. Why not use a good quality 1080p IPS screen to make it more affordable with an even better battery length due to the lower resolution? On a screen this size I doubt if it’s actually worth it.

    Still, all in all I think Microsoft has shown to be willing to try out new things, which i can only applaud.

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