We are just like VW


Monitoring car emissions exists to protect the environment from high waste. The recent Volkswagen scandal showed the vulnerability of the overall current system. Misleading data created an unfounded good-feeling and had a larger impact on the environment than people realized. As unethical the behavior of VW has been the essential critics go far beyond the top of the iceberg which is the VW scandal. From the environment perspective there are multiple more reasons why the car industry is highly misleading when it comes to environment related themes. What about the plug in hybrid cars? The amount of (semi)- electric cars has grown excessively over the last years mainly due to the highly subsidizing attitude of the government. When we look at the Dutch market the huge tax advantages convinced many (business) car drives to buy or lease one of the attractive car models. So far nothing special. But a large investigation has shown that about 80% of the total kilometers driven in (semi)- electric cars has been driven on fossil fuels. So people benefited from a rule which they did not commit to. Reasons for this behavior are laziness when it comes to searching for a suitable plug in station or travelling simply too many kilometers so they switch to the fossil fuel because recharging their car takes up to half an hour. Driving merely on fossils fuels does not only decrease the efficiency it even exceeds the regular emissions of other similar car models while the engine has been developed to be efficient in combining the two power sources. Driving solely on fossil fuels increases the pressure on this part of the engine hence the increase in emissions. So actually most people still prefer financial advantages or profits over the actual well being of the environment. This is the small version of the main motives of VW behind their manipulative actions with the emission software. For the umpteenth time this shows the necessity of critical investigation on available data and statistics. Market data on the amounts and figures of ‘green’ cars should make anyone cautious. We are just like VW.







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