Twitter Increase Character Limit

As you might have heard in the past few weeks Twitter is considering removing the 140-character limit. Currently, Twitter is creating a new product that will enable users to share tweets with an unlimited amount of characters. But what does this mean for the future of twitter? There are various characteristics that separate Twitter from other social networks but the 140-character limit has always been the most important trademark of Twitter. Twitter has been under scrutiny about this for years and many have argued that Twitter should expand the limit. But now that this might actually happen, will the users see blocks of text on their timelines? Or will it be a separate blog-type of service? This change will certainly have an impact on marketers who use Twitter to connect to consumers. Due to the longer content that will crop up almost immediately after the change, marketers will have to spend more time writing the body of tweet. This could create a shift on Twitter from many, small tweets throughout the day to fewer, longer tweets because marketers will not want to deplete their own time and resources and alienate consumers who may unfollow if they feel bombarded with content.

Lifting the limit might seem like a good thing, however, will Twitter be able to differentiate itself from other social networks after this implementation? This change could be detrimental to the unique community of writers and creatives who have found a home on the platform. The inconvenience of the 140-character limit has forced Twitter users and marketers to become better writers and salespeople. These parameters have taught Twitter users to develop their own unique style and flow. The only downside to the limit is that there is not much room for nuance. Twitter user must create a thread of tweets in order to show a progression of thought. However, this separation actually allows followers to process information much more seamlessly. After practicing marketers can learn to use the limit to their advantage with more precise and to the point content, as the most successful Twitter users manage to be both poignant and witty in bite-sized portions.

Not only is Twitter a platform where ideas are exchanged constantly but it is also a platform that turns minorities into targets of harassment by trolls. If Twitter is strongly considering lifting the 140-character limit ban, it must first put in place stricter anti-harassment regulations. Without the character limit trolls will be given more freedom to attack. This can cause the number of Twitter users to decline while Twitter is desperate to find new ways to attract users to the product.

Twitter wants to improve its appeal to the mainstream social media users, who do not know how to interact on a 140-character landscape. Removing the 140-character limit is a way to achieve that and will provide new readers of marketers’ content. However, the question arises whether or not this would actually increase Twitter’s audience. Twitter’s 140-character limit has force innovation in language and art, and created a platform perfectly tailored to facilitate instant interaction and community building. Instead of eliminating the characteristics that make Twitter unique among its competitors and the power these innovations have, Twitter should focus on making it secure for users and use this opportunity to improve this innovation and differentiate even more. Do not mess with what is not broken. Or do you think otherwise?



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  1. jessevanhofwegen says :

    Hi 357117kv, thanks for sharing this blog! I’m using twitter for almost 5 years now, and I saw over the last years a change in how people use Twitter. When I just had an account, my real life friends were very active on Twitter. Some were a little too active, I refer to those who were not ashamed to tweet about going to the toilet or tweets as: ‘going to school’ and five minutes later: ‘arrived at school’. Nowadayds, almost none of my friends aren’t using Twitter anymore. Some of them have even removed their accounts. I still have a Twitter account, but in 2015 I only posted 1 tweet. I’m still scrolling almost every day through my timeline, and I see a majority of the tweets coming from: news websites, businesses, promoted advertisements and famous people. However, these users are posting almost the same on Facebook and Instagram. Instagram is becoming more popular, while the amount of active Twitter users lags behind Twitter’s predictions. Twitter must do something to compete in this hard environment, however, I do not think it’s a good idea Twitter is removing their only distinction: 140 characters. Here’s an interesting news article:

  2. spitinov says :

    Thank you for menitioning Twitter, 357117kv.

    It’s interesting how the app changes its basic feature. However, I would like to tell you about change that wouldn’t happen. This change is “editing tweets”, the function that Twitter users have been asking for for years. Why won’t these happen, you may wonder. Here are the reasons according to the opinion of Twitter’s head of product , Kevin Weil:
    1. Tweets today are embedded in many articles, so if one changes these tweets content, they can totally change the articles meaning.
    2. Popular tweets content can be changed and used as a source of advertisment. It may be used for any type of PR including political PR.
    Therefore, though the implementation of editing tweets is relatively easy from technical side, we will not see this function.


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