The cons of IT

Ever thought about the cons of IT? Probably not, because most of the time, only the advantages of the developments in the IT sector are highlighted. And yes, there are some great developments. But, there are some serious drawbacks on several IT-projects too. In this blog I’d like to point out a few of them.

Think of printing your assignment at the university. This is only possible for the owners of a smartphone, since you have to pay for it with the MyOrder application (Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2015). This is a serious limitation for people who do not own a smartphone or are not able to use one. It implicates that you have to keep move with the times, otherwise you are limited in your possibilities.

Yet another example within the university: why do we have to work with four different IT-systems? I’ll explain: you make use of Blackboard, Sin-Online, Osiris and have to retrieve the Course Guide from another system. Each of these system works different, so four times you have to find out how work with the system. And on top of that, the connection between the systems is not always optimal. This is annoying and time consuming.

Another thing that bothers me is the emission scandal at Volkswagen. A car does have a lot of software, by which comes a lot of advantages. However, this opened the possibility to gain a lot of money, by trespassing the laws regarding the allowed emission (United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2015).

These are only three small examples of the disadvantages of IT. When working with and developing new IT-systems I think from this follow several guidelines: Make sure that the implementing of an IT-systems does not limit but does extend possibilities! Don’t make IT-systems too complex to work with. And probably the important hardest: always behave ethically, although it may be hard to insist.

Arjan de Winter



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One response to “The cons of IT”

  1. oscarchongis says :

    Luckily for you there is a new printing shop in the Polak building. You just have to buy a printing card for 3.50 and you can start printing without your smartphone!

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