Anonymous internet surfing with ZenMate

Have you ever heard of ZenMate? This is a German startup which offers  a browser plug-in  that allows you to ‘stay secure and private online while accessing the content you love’ according to the ZenMate website.

There are several reasons why you could use ZenMate:

  • To prevent hackers
  • To prevent snoopers
  • To prevent spying activities on your web browsing activities from the government
  • You and your personal data are always protected
  • To protect your device in a public WiFi
  • Your IP is hidden
  • And the most attractive reason for the users of ZenMate: To get access to websites that are blocking users from foreign countries.

How does ZenMate work?

After installing the plug-in in your browser, which is quite easy, ZenMate creates a sort of Virtual Private Network (VPN) between your device and ZenMate’s server network. This tunnel will prevent you from the external dangers of the internet. You can change your IP address to hide your real location, instead you select a different country to visit websites with geo-restricted content. You are pretending you are located in another country than you really are. ZenMate currently offers 10 different country locations. Germany, Romania, Hong Kong and United States are available for all ZenMate users. To get access to the over 6 countries, which are France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, United States West and Singapore, you have to upgrade your ZenMate to a Premium account.

On which platform does ZenMate work?

Again there is a difference between the Premium users and the users of the free ZenMate. For all users ZenMate is available on mobile devices and is running Android or iOS. ZenMate will protect internetsurfing on your browser on Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and for the Premium users there is a full desktop VPN offer to protect the use of your desktop outside your browser.

Although this looks like a very helpful tool to unblock geo-restricted sites, those are sites are not amused with startup such as ZenMate. Therefore these sites will always looking for new alternatives to block visitors from restricted locations. I think this will be a cat and mouse game and I wonder who will win.

Author: Jesse van Hofwegen (375283jh)


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One response to “Anonymous internet surfing with ZenMate”

  1. minkehuizenga says :

    It is a very interesting application you write about.

    I too started using a program to shield myself from all the spying eyes on the Internet. A friend of mine introduced me to ‘Disconnect.’, which is a program that not only blocks you from trackers, cookies and so on, but also shows you how many times you have been tracked and by whom. It is very interesting to see how many websites are trying to find a way into my computer. Thanks to the distribution tab on Disconnect. I can see exactly when I was tracked the most, and how many trackers already have been blocked in total. Right now, that’s 206 trackers for today.

    So, maybe Disconnect. is a nice addition to ZenMate, if you want to gain an insight in whom, when and how often some websites are tracking you!

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