Crownstone, just a gadget or a new way of energy consumption?

If you look in your student room or at your parents’ house how many devices have you plugged into your outlet? In my student room around 15 devices that always are plugged into my outlet. Some of them on standby others permanently active. Because we pay for energy separately in my dorm and I’m still a pore student I would save some money on my Energy bill at the end of the year.

Crownstone offers an affordable solution that  could help me with this problem. It is a device that you can internally or externally apply on your outlet to control your energy usage. The main purpose of the creators of Crownstone is to increase the smartness in our home. The following video should give you more information about the thoughts of the creators.

The company behind this idea is the Rotterdam based DoBots and presented their idea on Kickstarter. For 50 euro you can buy the product and you will receive 2 or 3 pieces that are connected to your smartphone true Bluetooth. You need to download an application and you can start making your home smarting with the following features:

  • Turn devices on and off through your smartphone
  • Dim the lights
  • Measure power consumption of appliances
  • Localize smartphones, smartwatches, and fitness trackers
  • Identify appliances based on their energy consumption
  • Turn devices on and off based on your presence
  • iOS and Android apps for your smartphone and tablet to fully customize your experience (no technical know-how required)

This all sounds great but I think there are some practical problems with this new innovation. Since the connection is true Bluetooth Low-Energy I should always turn it on when I use the application. I noticed that when I turn on classic Bluetooth ,my battery of my smartphone ( I got to admit I have an old one) will be drain much faster. Is this Bluetooth Low-Energy solving this problem? Also for older Iphones?  Another problem I can think of is security. The software should be secured properly otherwise people can hack into my house very easily, just like the people in this advertisement. 



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