Get a new life to your speakers!

2c84f2f14f60f55423abd719be0df43d3948c47adda586ac01671661b34228f3Remember the situation when you last time connected 3.5mm jack to your mobile device or laptop in order to play the desired music in your room? I am sure some people do that on daily basis without even noticing. Would not it be nice to play wirelessly, with the only need of tapping the play button on your device? There is number of, mostly compact, Bluetooth speakers on the market, that lets you stream your music wirelessly. However, what if you have already a solid set of speakers at home, and don’t want to buy new ones? There is a tiny device does the thing.

On the 29th September 2015, google introduced a number of products, among which, Chromecast Audio was released. Chromecast Audio is a small device that plugs into your speaker for streaming music through Wi-Fi (Google Inc. 2015). It lets you play your music from any mobile device or laptop from anywhere around the house or apartment. Furthermore, it goes further and allows your friends to stream the music from their devices without any additional set up or pairing using a “guest mode”. It is especially handy on a party, when somebody wants to play some tune!


The device is available to buy anytime from today in the Netherlands via the official google store. Availability for purchasing via mediamarkt is coming soon (Google Inc. 2015). The final price with taxes is only 39€, which is substantially lower compared to a direct competitor Sonos. The entry level wireless speaker “PLAY:1” costs 229€ (Sonos 2015). In addition, the Sonos Company has very similar solution “CONNECT” that lets you connect your speakers and you stream music through the device. The cost of Sonos CONNECT is 399€ (Sonos 2015). As it can be inferred Google is not only disruptive but also innovative in the industry of home entertainment.

So, what do you say? Would you go with solution from Google, and make a small step towards cable free society? Let me know down below in the comments section what do you think.


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