Transhumanism, what now?

So, have you guys ever heard of transhumanism?

To be completely honest with you, I haven’t. But since it has its foundations within the tech world, I will gladly look into this subject for you.

Apparently there is a movement called transhumanism in which they strive to determine what makes an individual human but even more so, it looks at the opportunities one has to surpass his or her natural capabilities. Let us call these people “believers” for simplicity. These believers strongly feel that there is a way to enhance our natural capabilities, and moreover they strongly suggest that technology is the key.

Transhumanism has been around for approximately two decades, but there is evidence present that suggests these ideas have actually been around for a long time. The quest for the fountain of youth is one, the myth of Deadalus and Icarus (yes the ones that thought it was an excellent idea to build wings, but flew too close to the sun resulting in melted wings and death) another. Of course back then they would never have foretold the existence of technology as we know it. But why do these believers think that the tech world will bring them the results they are looking for?

In their defense, human enhancement is already something we find quite normal, up to a certain level that is. An example of a widely accepted practice of enhancing human capabilities is the installment of a pacemaker for heart patients. Even the idea of HULC, the hydraulic-powered exoskeleton that allows soldiers to carry weights up to 90 kilos at a top speed of 16 kilometers per hour might enthuse a lot of people. However, the use of nanotechnology for human genetic engineering might be a bridge to far for the most of us.

So believers might have a good point, but what does that mean for our future? Scientists from around the world have agreed upon the survival of the fittest and natural selection theories by Darwin. But this transhumanism might give the human race an opportunity to influence the evolutionary process. What do you guys think, does ever evolving technology have the power to change life as we know it?


Source: Extreme tech



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