Women pay beer with boobies

Yes, you read the title properly and yes, this partially turned out to be a hoax. The introduction of the Titcoin generated a lot of publicity when news channel AT5 reported that Pornhub created and implemented the Titcoin as the official digital currency of the porn and adult entertainment industry (at5.nl, 2015; titcoins.biz, 2015). A cleverly animated movie clip explained that the adult entertainment market has been one of the most stable markets over the last few decades, which created a revolutionary opportunity for woman all over the world. Most importantly, a world where everybody who is involved, would win.

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For example, a woman could now order a beer at a Titcoin-subscribed bar and ‘pay with her boobies by flashing the bartender, who makes a picture of said boobies via the Titcoin-app’. These pictures would then become user generated erotic content on pornhub.com, where everybody on earth would be able enjoy from a huge selection of amateur breasts, the most demanded content of the Internet (clip). The bar in question would be paid in Titcoins, which could be exchanged for real money. The news article then continued with the first bar proudly saying they would accept the use of Titcoins from the start of November. In reality, the Titcoin movie clip is a spoof and one of the entries to the creative director campaign of Pornhub.com (Stoffels, 2015). The Titcoin itself does really exist and is a proper extension of the Bitcoin protocol, intended to be used for online porn and adult entertainment transaction (titcoins.biz, 2015). However, Pornhub has no partnership with Titcoin and will not start one in the future (Stoffels, 2015).

Even though this may be sad news for some people amongst you, the spoof did provided us with an insight into a clever business model. The creators of the spoof used the partnership with Pornhub to deliver an interesting value proposition for the customer and the supplier, a.k.a Pornhub’s viewers and in this example, women wanting beer. The supplier would be ‘paid’ with a beer to supply the erotic content on Pornhub’s website, where after Pornhub would generate revenue from viewers wanting to access these pictures. The only thing Pornhub would have to pay for is an amount of Titcoins to the particular bar the picture was made. The free online language course provider, Duolingo, employs the same business model by offering free language courses to users, whereby the users translate documents that are provided by companies who pay Duolingo for these translations. Duolingo is signing more and more big companies such as Buzzfeed and CNN and are growing at an incredible rate, indicating the success of the business model (Olson, 2013; Duolingo.com, 2015).

So, hypothetically speaking, could this business model work as well for Titcoins as it does for Duolingo? Or would the explicit nature of the supplier’s ‘input’ prevent the success of this revolutionary idea? Unfortunately there is no way of finding out, but at least you have a fun story to tell when drinking beer in a bar and who knows, you might even be able to persuade someone to buy you a beer by using Titcoins!

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