How domotics will take over your home

Think a moment about how many energy wasting electronics you have in your own home. A television that you leave on running while you were in a rush to be in time for college, a computer that runs all day because you had to check Facebook in the morning but forgot to turn it off and a phone charger still left in the wall socket next to your bed. These are all great products which, if you use them right, provide a certain level of comfort but are wasting energy. This will cost you money, precious money you could have spent on let’s say… Beer.

Home automation, also known as domotics, is your saviour. Domotics is an upcoming market which target is the home of people.(, 2014) Domotics will improve the way we live. Think about the television mentioned earlier. You made it just in time to college. After a few minutes your thoughts wander of and you recall that you left your television on. Well… Nothing to do about it. Or maybe there is? If I could just turn it off by thinking about it.

Domotics will provide you the solution. Home automation has the possibility to include every home, housework or household activity in a centralized system. (, 2015) The home owner can control everything just by accessing this centralized system by a computer, tablet or phone. Thinking about that television? Just grab your smartphone and turn it off. Energy management will provide you with the opportunity to turn electronics on or off. Still, you have to do it all by yourself.

After years of development in the business sector, automation systems now come to your home. And they take their experience from the business sector with them. (, 2015) The private home market is a lucrative sector because of rising energy prices. Big companies like Apple and Google are trying to penetrate the market (, 2015). Google bought Nest labs in 2014 for 3.2 billion dollars (, 2015). Nest is a producer of a learning thermostat and a smart smoke / carbon monoxide detector. Nest (and Google’s) ultimate goal is to create so called smart homes. With Nest it is possible to control the temperature in your home via your smartphone. Nest eventually detects patterns in your temperature configuration and programs itself. (, 2015)

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How will the future looks? The answer to that question is simple: domotics will be adopted by the households that benefits from them. Currently the problem lies in the messy and disjointed Internet of things. Most of the systems running consumer electronics are different from each other. To integrate all these different systems in one central system takes time. What you will see is that companies like Google will integrate their own operating systems in household electronics.(, 2014) Think of a refrigerator and television running on Android and a Nest thermostat. Apple will do the same with apps like Homekit, and probably other big companies will follow.

So when are you, as a consumer, going to benefit from home automation? When is every electronic device in your household connected? When will you stop wasting energy? You can do it now, with all the different solutions available or you have to wait for fully integrated systems. The domotics available right now are expensive (, 2015) but the big companies are joining in the fierce fight for the control over your home. You just have to be patient.


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