Just For The Articles: The End Of Playboy

After  60 years of being a landmark when it comes to more or less classy nudity, Playboy anounced that it will quit printing nude pictures in its magazines in America. From now on the magazine will  only focus on providing quality content on the fields politics, lifestyle and culture. Nothing special right? I mean, for instance, i myself always thought that the articles in Playboy were very, very, interesting and wasn’t even aware of the fact that the magazine was actually printed to show nudes…

For now it is unclear whether Playboy in, for instance, The Netherlands will follow this move, but looking at the numbers it seems like a matter of time.

Sales of male glossies in The Netherlands

As we can see in this graph, male glossies providing quality conten, not focusing on female beauty, are pretty constant in their sales numbers whereas Playboy sees a sharp decline over the last decade. Taking this into account, a switch of topics seems like a smart move. One could however ask the question: Will anyone truly ever buy a Playboy for its written content? The internet, of course is skeptical.

Now according to Techcrunch, there a two main reasons that printed nudity doesn’t work anymore. First  of all, with everything you can find on the internet nowadays, the prudish stuff playboy prints works better as a healthy replacement of Diazepam. Second, paradoxically, Playboy is the victim of what Techcrunch calls the Disneyfication of the internet Major content carriers, like Google and Apple, don’t like nudity being sold through their stores. I said paradoxically because, this way Playboy falls between the two stools of pornography and prudishness. The only way for Playboy to make money now is to make content sellable in digital newsstand like Blendle and for that ,they reckon, a turnaround is necessary.

This goes to show, that even when you are a well regarded institute like Playboy, whose bunny covered shirts many a pubescent boy and girl wore, you are not immune to the creative destruction following the technological revolution.

In the end, i think we can all be happy for good old Hef that, at 89, he can finally drop the pimp charade, perch into a chair, and attach himself to a bar to enjoy his best years.

I’m interested what other people think about this subject? Will Playboy succeed as a pure content providing magazine? Is there any room in the near future for physical magazines at all?


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