Let’s get our head up in the clouds

It wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say that everyone uses the internet nowadays. With this development, this also means that companies have to change their business models. An important development in this is the need of consumers for more mobility. This has results in cloud services. But how much has it really impacted the business world so far?

First of all, what are cloud services? Cloud services allow us to store files online on a server, which can then be accessed on multiple devices anywhere. There is no need for a physical infrastructure anymore such as file or e-mail servers. This sounds great, as this provides entrepreneurs with the ability to collaborate with their partners and employees in a hassle-free way anywhere and anytime.

It appears that nowadays it is more rewarding to invest in IT systems based on cloud services, instead of investing in legacy IT systems which are connected to hardware. The downside of the cloud services are the fears that come along with it. People will always have a status quo attitude when it comes to change and this is no exception. What if all my files get deleted? What if a hacker modifies my files? What if it all disappears from the internet? Such fears cannot be avoided. The cloud has proved its worth though with the staggering amount of organizations now using it worldwide.

It has been said that over half of the companies in the  United States now use cloud computing. Many are using different types of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) clouds. Well-known public clouds from Google, Microsoft and Amazon are not able to satisfy all the needs of IT organizations because of the huge growth. The impact of this growth has resulted in smaller business forgoing traditional offices and now opting for smaller physical spaces. The reason being that everything can be done through a cloud.

We are entering a new era with the impact of cloud computing and IT infrastructures are changing. With innovative ideas it can grow beyond our imaginations.






One response to “Let’s get our head up in the clouds”

  1. eelkevdh says :

    Good Article, I’m only wondering how especially small business will deal with data protection in the cloud as it is outside of the buiness network and sometimes in countries with different laws.

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