New way to catch a cheater?!

Marriages and long lasting relationships seem to be harder to achieve and even rare nowadays. When we take a look at the cheating statistics we see that they are at an unbelievable level and are still increasing every year.

The facts are, that about 17% of the divorces are caused by infidelity and that 70% of married men admitted cheating on their wives. The maturity of these women are not aware of their husband’s affair. Off course not only men but also women cheat on their partner. Almost 50% of women admitted to having an affair in the past. This is an problem that could be prevented or reduced using relationship counseling but there is another way!

Most of the time it all start with the use of a mobile phone. A lot of people have a mobile phone and bring it everywhere they go. With the current technology it’s possible to track and locate phones with GPS and also see the activities on the mobile phone with the use of several Spy applications.

Of course relationships are built on trust, respect and loyalty but if you’ve any suspicions and uncertainty that ruin your mind and your relationship, the following application can be considered.


mSpy is an software application that could be installed on any Android and Apple iOS device. It is a mobile monitoring software that gives you access to all functions and options within the mobile phone on which the application is installed. The software is primarily market at parents and business owners which enable them to monitor smartphone, tablet and computer usage of their children and employees. Already more than 1 million people make use of this application.“>http://

After the application is installed you get access to an unbelievable number of features. mSpy charges a monthly subscription fee that is 40$ a month for the basic features such as the logs voice, GPS, email, and SMS data and provides access to the device’s gallery, calendar and address book. If you want extra features, the subscription fee will increase to an amount of 70$ to 200$ a month.


Monitor calls

With this feature you will be able to monitor exactly to which number the owner of the mobile phone makes a call and how long the conversations are.


Bugging feature

This feature enables you to command the monitored mobile phone to start recording surrounding sounds. It is also possible to schedule the recordings on a specific time without being physically logged on the system.


Besides these two features, the application provides other features such as reporting, video logging and battery state of the monitored mobile phone.

Infringement of personal privacy

Getting caught stalking with this application on your partner can end the relationship as being a total creep. Also consider the fact that monitoring and tracking applications are strictly illegal in many countries.

With this in mind, would you ever consider an applications such as mSpy?

Did you already used it?



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