Possible effects of offshoring on Bim students

There is an ongoing trend of offshoring IT capacity (Tjia, 2015). Every year more companies start with putting their software development in developing countries, known for their relative low wages. Even though the cost reduction could be a major reason to decide for offshoring, in the Netherlands it seems like that is not the biggest concern. According to research by Brunel Nederland (2015) 41% of big IT players within The Netherlands expect a shortage of software developers. This is likely to have an even bigger impact on offshoring trends than the potential cost reduction, as many IT companies will no longer have a choice, independent of costs.

So what does this have to do with Bim students? For the purpose of this blog post, all students in the field of business IT (e.g. Business Information management, Business IT & Management, Business ICT etc) are grouped together as ‘Bim students’. So called Bim-ers often get jobs as business analysts or consultants, where they often operate between both business and IT. This means that it is very likely that, in their future careers, they will play a vital role in the communication to and from IT departments. Obviously this means they will be impacted by offshoring one way or the other.

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The effects of offshoring on future careers of Bim students is argued by De Coul (2015). He mentions several jobs that are impacted by offshoring, most which seem likely careers for Bim students. Most of all it seems that offshoring could increase the demand for Bim students. Mainly because the distance, both literally and figuratively, between user and/or management with their developers is increasing. This increases the complexity of communication, especially when a language-barrier is added to the mix, and could therefor increase the demand for communication-specialists (Bim students!).



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