Summary: The Digital Transformation of a Driving School – Group 22

For this Digital Transformation Project we looked at HERS, a driving school in Rotterdam. We looked at their current IT application and proposed a disruptive IT-enabled service, namely an E-learning platform for theory courses that HERS offers. In the available theory we found that, due the fact of many people struggling with time management these days, the demand of E-learning grows. Work, private life and education should be combined in the most efficient way. E-learning is becoming more popular due its flexibility. But many won’t give up their experiences in a face-to-face classroom environment, due the personalized approach. Blended learning, a combination of both E-learning aspects and classroom aspects, is therefore a clear response to the market demand.

Current IT application at HERS is just the use of their website in particular. At this moment, HERS is giving theory courses once per month, for (striving) 20 participants in class. Break-even point is at 8 participants.

The theory exams are taken by CBR. Recently, CBR has changed their way of taking exams. Now, people are making their theory exams at a computer, and are sitting behind the computer screen. Everyone gets different questions. HERS has to take this into consideration by offering their theory courses. The exercise questions and methods has to be as close as in the possible exam of CBR, for optimal experience and best results.

We suggested an introduction of the E-learning method to HERS for their theory course. Therefore the offline information (from a dull ‘theory-book’) has to be translated into online information (as in the style of the current exams). This will also offer the possibility for participants to train, and take the course at home.

We did our own research at HERS, by handing out surveys to the current participants at HERS. We founded out that participants don’t want to give up their classroom-experience due the personal approach and direct feedback and/or help.

What we recommended: the first two sessions are two times 3 hours of virtual lessons, given through the online portal. The last session, also 3 hours, will be a classical session where participants can ask face-to-face questions to the instructor.

The opportunities for HERS are an increase in the number of potential customers, being a step ahead of their competitors by introducing the online application (unfortunately not the first mover, since there are already successful competitors with this concept). Also, less labor is required, and revenues will come by itself (no more incremental costs).

– Group 22

Vera Crijns – 374956
Pervin Demirtekin – 370681
Özlem Karakuş – 357166
Harm-Jan Rijneveld – 370370
Oscar Chong – 384993


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