Getting graded is fun!

Can you imagine a fun way to get graded? The new upcoming mobile app Grader provides a social platform to grade your friend’s photos. It enables users to truly give their opinion in a more detailed way than with a like or dislike.

 Grader is a free mobile application for a social media platform that allows people to rate each others photos. It was founded in January 2015 in Rotterdam, and in May 2015 Grader won the first prize on “the best startup idea contest” held by the Erasmus Centre of Entrepreneurship.

In line with others that believe the internet increases people to speak up and share their opinion, grader was set up. It provides users with the ability to anonymously grade photos of others and get graded on a rating scale of 1 to 10. Besides the grading, Grader has added an extra statistics dimension that provides users with detailed information about the grades provided for a pictures. For every graded photo the app provides the following statistics: Average grade, amount of grades received, percentage of male and female graders and their average given grade, grade distribution per age category and the overall grade distribution.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 20.21.49

For individuals it is nice that these statistics provide more in-depth information about the picture, however a big opportunity arises here for businesses. Companies are able to post new products and get graded. In that way they receive very valuable information on the opinion and demographics of potential customers. Currently Grader is mainly used by individuals, but the number of larger channels, such as Fashion Daily, who posts different outfits daily, quickly increases.

The largest weakness for Grader is that no revenue model has been established yet. Besides that, it can be questioned if there is a true need from users to rate pictures in a more detailed way than liking or disliking, it could be that users generally just give a 1 or a 10. Furthermore, Grader is yet another social media platform in the big ocean with Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Currently Grader’s customer base is not too large yet, however since the app became live, in September 2015, it has been downloaded 10.000 times.

A large opportunity still lies in the development of an android app, currently Grader is only available for iOS users. With this an extra 53% of the smartphone market can make use of the app.

In my opinion Grader is a nice way to rate a picture, a way of rating that goes further than a like or dislike. In this way valuable information for companies can be created however the customer base should increase to really create value. Currently Grader does not seem a big fish in the ocean yet and has to deal with strong competitors, but the idea is refreshing and has potential!

So how would you grade Grader?


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