Digital Transformation Project: FridayEuroTech and an online platform

For the Digital Transformation Project we have suggested a disruptive innovation for a recruitment agency called FridayEuroTech.

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Who’s FridayEuroTech?
Founded in 1999, the company is focused on providing technical employment services and is mainly focused on scaffolding, insulation, maintenance, mechanics and staffing personnel. The company operates internationally and is currently located in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Romania.

Currently, the only way FridayEuroTech acquires new customers is through word of mouth marketing, meaning that potential customers only find out about the company when someone from their network talks about it. While other recruitment agencies are making the shift towards using the internet for their practices, FridayEuroTech’s use of technology still offers a lot of space for improvement and new implementations.

The new technology
The current use of technology is mainly based on internal use through an information system called UB+, where all the information about temporary workers is stored and its goal is to support the everyday operations of the company. To improve the communication with its customers and in order to keep up with its competitors, we provide FridayEuroTech with the idea of Internet Recruitment. Internet recruitment in itself is not relevantly new. However with the rise of sites such as LinkedIn, the industry is changing. Companies now have the opportunity to avoid recruitment agencies and find employees directly on similar social networking sites as this is less costly.

It is important to keep in mind that the company operates in a very specific industry and does not cater to all audiences like regular employment agencies. Therefore we propose to build an online platform in which the company acts as an intermediary between employees (temporary workers) initially in The Netherlands and Belgium and the employers (companies) in their current and similar industries. On this platform potential temporary workers can register themselves and present FridayEuroTech with information on their education, experience, diplomas and certifications. At the same time companies can register on the platform as well and input information on the projects they need workers for and specify the strict education and diplomas that are needed (e.g. for scaffolding or insulation). In order to maintain quality and offer a different value from the competitors, the information on the platform will not be made public. Instead it is a means for FridayEuroTech to acquire information and use this information to accommodate to needs of customers while staying personal.

Why it’s possible
The main difference between the old and new application process is that information can be transferred instantly, and there is no waiting time between giving and receiving information, because data will be transmitted digitally. For the development of the platform a third party should be approached for converting the current website. This will be the costliest part of the project. The technology that will be used for the platform has already been used by other recruitment agencies that offer internet recruitment. This tool is becoming more and more popular and more agencies have expanded their business online and it has even led to agencies that are online based only. This means that the technology is available and that it should be easily feasible for FridayEuroTech. will not be a problem to implement the technology since it is already available and widely used by other companies. It will require investments and maintenance, but this is also not something that would cause problems for the company, which means the platform is operationally feasible.

Team 33.


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