Digital Transformation Project: Samsung Electronics Benelux contact center

We have researched the information strategy and use of IT systems of the contact center of Samsung Electronics Benelux B.V., also known as ‘SEBN’s contact center’. Although SEBN’s contact center is not a separate business entity, it is still possible to identify key aspects of its business model. Some of these aspects are directly derived from Samsung’s overall business model, while other aspects are specific for the contact center while being a minor part of Samsung’s business model. Our findings show that the business model of SEBN’s contact center is highly focused on customer service and is heavily engrained with information technology. SEBN’s contact center’s use of information technology is primarily focused on communication with customers. The SEBN contact center uses different systems to communicate with their customers, log interactions and report information about communication and logging.

In order to review the importance of IT systems within the business unit, we conducted several interviews. One employee filled out a questionnaire evaluating the current strategic impact of existing IT systems and evaluating the strategic impact of IT systems to be implemented in the future. Based on the questionnaire, one can conclude that the information systems are highly important both for the current operations as well as for the future operations. The results indicate that the perceived future importance of IT systems is even higher than that of the current IT systems.

The interviews with the employees also covered the quality and effectiveness of the current systems. Our findings show that the current use of IT systems is not optimal. When focusing on Mediatrix – SEBN’s contact center’s primary communication tool – several difficulties have been discovered. The biggest issues are the bugs in the system, followed by undiscovered functionalities and the unclear user interface. Although primarily the agents have to deal with the bugs in the systems, it is inevitable that the clients experience the consequences as well. This has a negative impact at the customer satisfaction (e.g. when the system crashes entirely). On top of that, not only Mediatrix is used, but a total of eight different IT systems have been identified. Besides the influence on customer service, these problems also involve high costs.

We believe it is necessary that Mediatrix and Sprinkler get replaced by a new system that offers more usage possibilities and higher performance quality and that integrates the different communication channels.

Implementing a new system will inevitably cause other changes. Rather than exclusively offering service and support directly to customers, via the traditional customer service communication channels, employees will have to fulfill a monitoring and moderating role on the community platforms and social media. Making sure no incorrect or inappropriate content is posted on these channels will become a new and important task. A new system and a strategic focus on shifting left will cause a drastic change in the activities executed by the contact center and its employees. Salesforce and other similar systems offer the best possibilities and opportunities for improvement.

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