Digital Transformation Project: Schenk Tanktransport

Our digital transformation project is based on Schenk, a big international tank transportation company. The headquarter is located in Papendrecht, the Netherlands and the company has subsidiaries in Belgium, Germany, Poland. Austria and Luxembourg. Schenk started off as a family business and nowadays the third generation of the Schenk family is running the business. Schenk shifted from the sand and travel transportation to tank transport services that includes Oil products, Lubricants, Liquid gases, Cryogenic gases, LNG, Intermodal transport, Bitumen (ATV), Aviation services and Liquid Fertilizers (Schenk Tanktransport B.V., 2015).

First we started with analyzing the company in general. Based on our interviews with the head management of Schenk, our own observation and research and our in-depth analysis we found out that there were a few main processes in the daily business of Schenk that needed some crucial improvements. These main processes were related to documentation and especially the importance of the Proof-of-Delivery (CMR), which is really important in the industry where Schenk is operating. The main issues regarding this are as follows:

  • The trip administration department spends at least an hour every day in order to retrieve information in order to provide the customer with some details about the transaction and answering CMR related questions. This is an inefficient way of arranging employee-working hours and makes order handling unnecessarily expensive.
  • The invoicing process for the customers of Schenk is really slow and unstructured. Because invoicing can only happen upon receiving of the official delivery confirmation (CMR), this process will be delayed by sometimes more than a week.
  • The dissatisfaction of the customer leads to tensions with respect to the relationship between Schenk and the customer.
  • Within the processes of Schenk there is a lot of redundant paperwork involved. This will cause problems such as problems regarding missing important documents and spending a lot of time on handling hardcopy documents (such as CMR).

After observing these problems, we were trying to find the optimal solution for Schenk. Therefore, we came up with the solution called TransFollow. TransFollow is an online platform based on the new digital CMR (e-CMR) that can be submitted, exchanged, signed and traced. No hardcopy documents have to be exchanged anymore. The e-CMR replaces the traditional hardcopy version that has been around for over 80 years. TransFollow will help organizations save time, money and energy (TransFollow, 2015).

By implementing this technology of TransFollow, Schenk will be able to solve the above-mentioned solutions. The new technology must enable Schenk to make their logistic process more efficient and enables Schenk to save time and money. We assume that with this technology, Schenk is able to improve client relationships, and make the administration process more efficient. TransFollow will make sure that Schenk can remove all the redundant paperwork and make the whole business more efficient and effective. Schenk will be one of the first tank transportation companies that will change the status quo and start the digitalization of the logistic industry.

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