DTP Team 37: B2B E-commerce for Kraker Trailers


This project will try to tackle some of the problems with B2B e-commerce by investigating a real-life company, Kraker Trailers, and focusing on the theories of B2B e-commerce and niche markets. The setup of this investigation is involved around a series of interviews with a top-level employee of Kraker Trailers with the aim of gathering information to (a) analyze its business, (b) its business model, (c) its use of IT and information in general and (d) discover its current business problems/needs.

B2B e-commerce increases efficiency, reduces costs and improves the overall quality of products/services. It links well to Kraker Trailers in a sense that Kraker Trailers is relatively new to B2B e-commerce, experienced fast growth in the past but expects a decreasing growth rate in status quo position, and B2B e-commerce might provide solutions on multiple fronts.

Kraker Trailers is a B2B firm which produces and supplies moving floor trailers, a special sub category of trailers, mainly to companies within the agriculture, biomass and recycling industry. In the past ten years it has seen an average growth in sales of more than 17% per year. However, they supply only in Europe and fear decreasing sales due to a slow growing market and fierce competition. They are tackling this problem by building a new, more efficient factory and expanding overseas. Kraker Trailers acquired the services of a major Dutch IT firm, CE Masters, to completely revamp their IT landscape. CE Masters will install a new ERP and CRM system which will increase Kraker Trailers’s efficiency and improve their competitiveness.

There are however still a few issues with their current business as the information flow between Kraker Trailers and their (independent) dealers is not perfect and hampering sales. Their main concern is the way their dealers process incoming information about (new) products and how they communicate this to potential customers. Currently, Kraker Trailers’s dealers extract product information about (new) trailers via a download link provided by Kraker Trailers. The disadvantages are that the content is unorganized, unpresentable, difficult to access in regions with an unstable internet connection and difficult to update. This leads to the external disadvantage that dealers each use the content in a different way, generating an unprofessional image to potential customers.

Based on B2B e-commerce theories and with the aid of niche market theories, we propose a cloud based communication tool (Instant Magazine) which perfectly suits Kraker Trailers’s needs. This tool creates both an online and offline platform for Kraker Trailers to upload and maintain (new) product information and for dealers to extract this information. It has the added benefits of combining both the cloud based product platform with tools to track dealers’ behaviour, creating tender offers and professional product presentation to potential customers.


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