Innovation at Disney: creating magic with technology

The imperium of Walt Disney is well known for creating children’s movies that have become classics. The world of Disney is beloved by children all over the world for its magical theme parks full of fantasy. But did you know that this magic is made possible by continuously innovating throughout the years? In this blog, I want to show you a recent innovation at Disney.

The Disney Magic Band

The Disney Magic Band is a technology-packed wristband that every visitor will wear during their visit to the park. In combination with the Disney World app, the Magic Band will provide the excited visitors the most friction-less theme park experience possible. This is how it works:

A family books their Disney World tickets through the Disney World app. After ordering tickets, they also choose to reserve a table at one of the restaurants and pick their meal of choice while they’re at it. Furthermore, they also put in the rides and other attractions they like best.

At the park, the family is wearing their Magic Bands they received by mail a week earlier. They approach the restaurant and get greeted by name immediately. The family gets seated and, without having to order right then and there, their food gets delivered to them. As the Magic Band is linked to their account, all orders get paid by ordering through the app or by contactless payment with the Magic Band at the cashier.

This is made possible by the RFID chip and the 2.4GHz radio in the Magic Band. When the family approaches the restaurant, employees get a notification with the families’ personal info and their order gets sent to the kitchen. The restaurant is just one example of many events in the theme park that become more comfortable using the Magic Band.

Disney has always been an innovative company and they stay on top of the game with inventions like the Magic Band. Although some people don’t like booking everything upfront, the Magic Band makes sure a visit to Disney World is as comfortable as it can be.



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