Smart-cars are on their way!

We are all hearing of the self-driving car hype that is going on. Now that Google and Apple have moved into the car industry, the first commercial self-driving car becomes imminent.

However before this, another step needs to be made: namely cars communicating with each other also known as ‘V2V communication’.

Image you driving your car and trying to pass a traffic light, when suddenly your car warns you of an incoming collision. You hit your brakes and you see a car from the left racing by in front of you. This lifesaving scenario can be achieved through V2V technology. The innovation lets nearby cars share information with each other by emitting a Wi-Fi like signal. This 5.9 Ghz frequency is then picked up by other cars nearby where the information is processed and used to give the driver real-time safety information. It is not only location of the car that is shared, but also its size, its current speed speed, vehicle type and number plate would be shared.

This technology is becoming reality quickly, in the USA they already have test zones where this innovation is being tested. It is predicted that by 2017, this V2V technology is a mandatory part for every car in the USA. Not only cars will be getting this technology but also road infrastructure and other road devices will potentially use this technology. What means that your car can get realtime information on traffic and navigation support from the road itself! So besides the safety benefits and the reduced traffic congestion this technology would also be very useful for the authorities. The road itself will detect whether a car is speeding and will warn the local authorities. The police officers can then tell a car to stop through the wireless signal!

The number of possible applications for this technology is huge. After implementing this, a world full of self-driving cars is not a sci-fi dream anymore.



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