Speed isn’t everything

Trains can go faster every day. New tracks and rails are invented. New models are created. Becoming more luxurious and advanced. However why is there still a machinist controlling the train? Year ago it was already possible to do this remote. What prevented us to implement this? Was it because of the jobs that could get lost? No. It was the not willingness of the train passengers to get into a train that didn’t have a engine-driver. It was new and different in a crucial way from what they were used to. They wondered; “why needed it to be changed?”, “why create a situation where if something goes wrong, that no one could intervene?”. So their perception was that trains would become less safe. However according to the plain old statistics, it was actually the human factor that created most of the accidents. So by taking away this negative factor the train ride should become more safe instead of less.

The problem, humans capability to adapt. It was Charles Darwin who wrote about the survival of the fittest, so those who can adopt best will survive. Nonetheless with no treating situation at hand this adaptability isn’t required anymore. We now slowly can adapt to new changes and situations. So if you want to predict the future, about what will come, be and people will do, you can simply look at the past. If you want to know where we will be in 10 years, just look 10 years back. The amount of changes that we’ve had, will be roughly the amount of changes you can expect for the next ten year. People can’t handle much more. So when you’re a groundbreaking company, when you’re IT solution is the best invention ever or when for example the internet-of-things could make your life tremendously more easy, it will not say we will accept it (within a short amount of time). We hold on to holistic concept, like privacy, to rationally reject these changes and postpone the moment you’ve to except it.

So if you’ve something groundbreaking. If it is something totally new. If it will make lives so much better, conformable and easier. Don’t assume people will accept it. So be prepared and know making your discovery is one thing, but having people to accept it, will be the real bottleneck.



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