Summary of Digital Transformation Project – Team 32

Save time with these new features from the Albert Heijn application!

Albert Heijn is a supermarket serving its customers in the higher end of the market segment with sublime service. We came up with a disruptive technology for Albert Heijn to surpass the competition, a technology that is closely related to data analytics.

Data analytics is already a big thing within Albert Heijn. The data received from the customers’  ‘Bonuskaart’ is already in use. Until now, Albert Heijn has only used this information within the organization itself. The new technology consists of using this information retrieved from data analytics to serve the customer. In short: an updated and ‘smart’ list of recently bought groceries will be available on your smartphone. Together with the possibility to reorder products that are running low and let them be shipped right away to your doorstep the next day.

The data from the bonuscard concerning the customer buying behavior will be used to compute a list of suggested groceries. The application will know, thanks to the buying behavior data from the bonuscard, what products you normally buy on that specific day and how long ago you bought what particular products. So relevant to a specific day, week or month, dependent on when you consult the in-app groceries list a relevant range of products will be inserted to this ‘smart’ list for you to buy. Furthermore, the application will allow its customers to also order the products from the list right away via Albert Heijn’s existing home delivery service.

Since the application can track down what products or ingredients are in your possession, it can make suggestions for recipes. Albert Heijn already introduced ‘Aller Hande’, a magazine with recipes and it is now also available in the ‘Appie’ application. Linking the ‘Aller Hande’ recipes from the application and the new technology can personalize recipes for the customer. The data derived from the data analytics will suggest which bought products can be combined with recipes, which will create synergy.

Upon high market adaptation, this technology will result in less overhead costs since there will be less pressure on the offline stores. These stores can therefore decide to shrink their base of managers and employees and reduce supply costs. Albert Heijn saving a considerable amount of money and for the customer: going groceries shopping in the supermarket is history.

Written by 376122

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