Super-intelligent Artificial Intelligence: The last invention in Human History? Part 2.

Is immortality within our reach or are our predictions too enthusiastic?

According to the futurist Ray Kurzweil we will enter into a technological singularity in 2045, resulting in potential immortality. How Kurzweil envisions our immortality is by plugging our consciousness into a computer. This will mostly be due to AI related results. You can find more explanations behind his rationale in his movie: ”The singularity is near”. Two movies I advise you to watch are called “Her” and “Transcendence” in order for you to get a more tangible understanding of Kurzweil’s propositions.

Other experts predict the Singularity will take place later in the 21th century.

In opposition, other experts are very skeptical as to the meaningful impact AI can have on humans. One of those members is Andrew Ng, founder of Coursera and Chief Scientist at Baidu Research in Silicon Valley. He has been the author of over 100 published papers in machine learning, robotics and related fields, naming him one of the leading experts in AI would be an understatement.

Ng believes the perceived AI threat is equivalent to worrying about “overpopulation on Mars”

Hearing likewise news from a -if not the main –leading expert on AI and ML, could sober some of us in outlandish speculations.

It must be noted, that Ng does not declare the AI threats or opportunities as impossible. Rather, it seems to be a far more distant worry than is currently portrayed. As a matter of fact, Mars can be colonized and its atmosphere can be converted in a similar fashion as Earth’s. This WaitbutWhy post gives a good overview of how it can be made possible.

After having covered those different parties, what do you think yourself? Do you believe AI will have a life-changing impact in our lifetime or do you think we will be disappointed by the current speculations?




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