Digital Transformation Project: Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij (Group 17)


The Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij (NLE) is a Dutch energy supplier located in Rotterdam. It was founded in 2005 following the opening of the Dutch energy supply market in July 2004. It has since established itself as one of the main competitors of the more traditional companies such as Eneco and Essent. NLE tries to distinguish itself from its competitors by offering purely ‘green’ energy, as well as offering energy at a lower price than its competitors.

The main issue for the Nederlandse Energie Maatschappij is the slow exchange of information between the company and its customers. In the current situation the company asks its customers to send their energy levels once a year, from which they calculate the customer’s energy consumption. However to prevent customers from having to pay a large amount of money at once, NLE charges customers a monthly fee based on the customer’s energy consumption from the previous 3 years. The drawback of this method is that at the end of the year the amount the customers have paid, and the amount of energy they have consumed hardly ever lines up. This results in either customers having to pay extra, or NLE having to transfer money back towards its customers. This leads to unnecessary transaction costs which conflict with NLE’s low cost strategy.

We propose for NLE to embed a technology called Crownstone into their business model. Crownstone is a device which customers can install in their homes, which essentially transfers their houses into ‘smart homes’. What this means is that NLE can access real-time information about their customer’s energy usage, and thus bill them accordingly. By implementing this technology we predict that NLE’s transaction costs will decline, therefore allowing them to further lower their prices, and thus increasing value for their customers.

A video introducing the Crownstone Technology

Babet van der Giesen 363995 B.G.

Yorick van de Riet 357297 Y.R.

Maikel Ooms 341182 M.O.

Mathijs Daalderop 360013 M.D.

Sjoerd Poppelaars 361339 S.P.


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