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A deeper look into Khan Academy

Multiple blog posts have addresses subjects like MOOC’s (massive online open courses), the need for learning programming and so on. I wanted to delve deeper into Khan Academy. Khan Academy is a free online place where everyone can learn. How is it different from MOOC’s? Well, Khan Academy does not offer courses; it merely provides the opportunity to learn from a wide range of subjects. You cannot earn an official certificate or degree from Khan Academy. However, Khan Academy is free and open for everyone. Any day and any time people can make use of the content on Khan academy. There is also an unofficial application so you can learn while being offline.

Background; Salman Khan founded Khan Academy in 2006. Khan Academy is a free online educational website. Khan Academy covers all sorts of subjects through Youtube videos and hands on practice. There are over 100,000 interactive exercises. The level of the subjects ranges from kindergarten to university. Over 32 million people have joined Khan Academy already. Since a few years Khan Academy encourages users by making use of gamification. Users can earn badges by completing exercises, watching instruction videos and so on. Some badges are easy to earn while others require a lot of work. The end goal is to earn all ‘mastery’ badges, which mean you completed (master) all parts of a subject.

Khan Academy is free and relies on donations to cover costs they make. However, they also need the crowd to improve their content. Users are encouraged to discuss the subjects, and when mistakes are spotted Khan Academy will fix their videos and other content. Khan Academy also makes use of the crowd for worth-of-mouth to advertise the experiences of users and to get new people to join.

In short the benefits of Khan Academy are:

  • Khan Academy is completely free
  • You can use it any time any day
  • They cover subjects in: Math, Science, Economics & Finance, Arts & Humanities, Computing, Test Prep
  • Provide help with College admissions and talks & interviews
  • It is a helpful tool for coaches
  • They are partners with institutions such as museums, MIT and NASA
  • You can earn badges

Have you joined the community of Khan Academy yet? If not, why? And if yes, what do you like most about Khan Academy? What is your favorite subject?


Sources: https://www.khanacademy.org


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