Scalable and fast 3D printing for SMEs

voodoo-manufacturing-3d-printed-products Founded by 4 ex-Makerbot employees, Voodoo Manufacturing is a Brooklyn based 3D printing shop which offers people and businesses the opportunity to print their design cheaply and quickly, ranging from small to large batches (Biggs, 2015).

With its offering, Voodoo Manufacturing positions itself to become an outsourcing marketplace for small and medium sized businesses. With the potential to accommodate for large batches up to 10000 units, Voodoo aims at building a service which would be available to companies whose operations would not legitimize the contracting of large scale commercial printingsea-of-printers-1024x768services (Zaleski, 2015).

The differentiating factor for Voodoo as opposed to other 3D printing services stems from the company’s use of a substantial amount (127) of desktop printers. Albeit the fact that some consider these unreliable, CEO Max Friefeld claims that at “1/10 if the cost of traditional printers, [the company] can grow [its] factory effortlessly to meet additional demand”, entailing speed and scale of operations. Essentially making the factory into a printer farm, the machines are all operated through a single proprietary software, which is at the core of the company (Grunewald, 2015).

On the Voodoo Manufacturing web interface, customers are encouraged to drag and drop 3D files in order to receive an instant quote for their products. Furthermore, orders for prototypes and small batches benefit from priority printing and are consistently shipped the next day, giving the company a speed of execution on small orders, which is matched by few if any (Zaleski, 2015).

With its ambition to become an outsourcing partner for end parts, Voodoo also offers production via API. This entails that partners could integrate Voodoo into their “application or service and automatically route orders to be manufactured, packaged, and shipped” (Voodoo Manufacturing, 2015).

As concluding remarks, it is interesting to recognize that this new model of 3D printing services could lead to operational advantages and enhancements for SMEs. With the developments to 3D printing services and possibilities, one can speculate about how entire supply chains could be redesigned towards one single supplier manufacturing most of the end parts required for businesses. On the other hand, it is questionable whether the model of Voodoo Manufacturing with small desktop 3D printer farms is truly scalable.

What do you believe is 3D printing’s impact going to be on traditional business processes?  


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