Smart workout wear

Ralph Lauren recently launched their new sportswear collection, and it is not the pretty style that made me write a blog post about it. Their new collection can best be described as smart workout wear. The collection integrates IT wearables into their clothing. The smart workout wear could well become the newest trend in the sports industry. The clothes can keep track of many body functions like heart rate or calories burned. The Ralph Lauren PoloTech™ shirt for example works with an IPhone and monitors your heart rate, stress level, and balance. The IPhone app not only monitors these functions, but also includes adaptive workout sessions.  Other companies which offer these smart workout clothes include Athos or OMsignal, which also offer an app on which you can track your progress in real time.


These workout clothes are handy for people who need to keep track of their performance, like professional athletes. But I think the market is especially attractive for amateur athletes.  Professionals might not mind the looks of their wearables and aim more for quality, since it is necessary for them to always improve their performances. However regular customers might enjoy the wearables even more, because they can now keep track of their performances and look stylish in the gym. Especially with brands like Ralph Lauren adopting the trend, that will not only aim for quality wearables, but also for good looks.

There can however also be some concerns that stem from this technology. The accuracy of these wearables might not always be correct, and any medical conclusions can probably not be taken from the data. Furthermore there might be some privacy concerns, for example when the apps which communicate with these clothes would be hacked and all that the app has kept track of can be seen.


2 responses to “Smart workout wear”

  1. robbertsweijen says :

    Interesting technology. I think some of this technology is already used by professional athletes as you already mentioned. I think the succes will be determined by how to reach the targeted segment. I do not know what the price is of a smart workout wear but it does not sound very cheap. To make this work, you need to find a cross between people who like to work out and like new technology, because the sporting benefits are not that great. Most of the measurements that the smart workout wear can measure can be easily done with existing technology. A good resonance marketing strategy is needed to reach the sweet spot in this market to make it profitable. I think this could pose an interesting challenge.

  2. 358591jk says :

    Very interesting blog that reminds me of the Adidas Mi Coach. The Mi Coach is a monitoring system located in the sports shoe that will measure the speed, distance, acceleration, heart rate and power in real-time, with results being made available live on an Ipad or other mobile device.
    With this new monitoring technology used in the Ralph Lauren as well with the Mi Coach especially professional athletes but also casual athletes will use the system to track performances and gather statistics. These statistics are important to ensure performance and set future goals. The Mi coach system is a worldwide success but I’ve some concerns with the 295 dollar price tag for the Ralph Lauren smartshirt.

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