Wishbone – one of the fastest growing social media apps

Wishbone how it works

Wishbone is a new app that allows you to poll your friends, which in turn helps them to make decisions. It works by first downloading the app from the app store, either Apple & Google Play. Once registered, you can take two pictures, which you upload to the Wishbone network. The network can then vote on the two choices. As a result, you can see which picture has received better feedback, which should help you to make a decision (Wishbone, 2015; Kosoff, 2015).

However, this is not the only thing the app offers. Wishbone also offers the possibility to vote on “hot or not” topics, such as humor, fashion, celebrities, sports, music, etc. In order to keep its users active, the app provides a daily & nightly dozen, i.e. 12 most popular questions pushed daily, which people can then vote on (Wishbone, 2015; Kosoff, 2015).

Within 4 months the app grew to become part of the top 10 downloaded social networking apps in the iOS App Store in 4 major English-speaking countries, i.e. US, UK, Canada and Australia (App Annie, 2015). Ranking between apps such as Facebook and Instagram, the question arises how this is even possible? The app currently enjoys a “viral pickup” in popularity, because it makes use of social media trends, such as shifting social media usage towards teenagers and a female dominance in visual oriented platforms (Kosoff, 2015; Lenhart, 2015). Moreover, popular Instagram users post and promote the app to their audience, which is mostly comprised of teen girls – combining both major aforementioned trends (App Annie, 2015; Kosoff, 2015). Last but not least, posts are sharable across platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Messenger, iMessage, which again helps to increase brand awareness (Wishbone, 2015).

What is so interesting about Wishbone is that it allows brands to use it as a research and marketing tool by offering them a possibility to let users’ vote on a set of products, e.g. two pairs of shoes – one being purple, the other one pink. By receiving immediate feedback by a user base of 3 million active users, and more than 40 million voters every day, brands can use this as a strong tool to test market acceptance of their products (Wishbone, 2015; Kosoff, 2015; Wagner, 2015).

Let’s see whether this is just a recent growth trend, or if Wishbone manages to defend its position in the long run.


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Wishbone. (2015). Wishbone. Retrieved October 17, 2015, from http://www.getwishboneapp.com/




14 responses to “Wishbone – one of the fastest growing social media apps”

  1. 439886mj says :

    There is one more app providing comparable service — DVEL. It is a new social photo decision-making app that enables its users to make quick decisions by making use of their network.
    DVEL’s competitive advantage is its language offerings. It is available in 11 languages, whereas Wishbone can only be downloaded in English. Interestingly, DVEL specifically targets women, which is why it also makes use of current social media trends. Seems like responding time for DVEL is also smaller, which is quite important if decision should be made fast (e.g. shopping).
    Nevertheless, DVEL is still only on the rise and it will be interesting to observe, whether the company will leverage on its competitive advantage or not.

    For more information check out:

  2. Sophie Vog says :

    Interesting, I will check it out.

  3. kim says :

    souds interestig

  4. Thomas1308 says :

    It iis weird to see how people waste their time on social media. I understand if people make use of it for help in decision making, but it is weird if they wait for pushed messages… Interesting, this new generation 😊

  5. Dasha says :

    I have used DVEL before and what I prefer about it, is that it puts more emphasis on the close network. There were about 80 people actually voted on my post within 30 seconds.

  6. 90212 says :

    cool.. seems difference between dvel and whishbone

  7. aliccc says :

    Hi, I also recently read an arictle about social media engagement. It said that especially teens love discovering and sharing information via social media. it makes them feel better connected with friends via social media. It is interesting to see the shift from our generation towards them smile emoticon at some point it will probably be kids…

  8. nico.koch@unisg.ch says :

    thank you for sharing this!
    I worked on a related survey a couple of weeks ago and found it interesting that there really is a market for “helping people online while making decisions” and even more striking that even more people “like giving advice online”.
    Wishbone really seems to hit a nerve here by combining the “picture sharing” trend of instragramm, the limited time frame of snapchat and the limited contend/quote from twitter

    • 439328knmelanie says :

      Thanks for your insight. I haven’t thought about the limited time frame comparison, but you must be right. Since the pictures disappear after a few hours, users are even more inclined to look through recent updates. The question is how other social media sites will react to this, since there is obviously a potential market for the service…

  9. Jakob says :

    I know Wishbone. My sister uses it and I nearly feel like she is getting addicted to vote on stuff all the time. Still, I guess that there could be even never apps coming up and force Wishbone out of the market again

    • 439328knmelanie says :

      When you consider Wishbone, you can see two kinds of competitors. Indirect and direct. Indirect will be Facebook , Instagram, Whatsapp etc who will try to implement the voting service if the model proves successfull.

      • 439328knmelanie says :

        Also what I ask myself is whether the firm will succeed in China or not, because all comparable apps were earlier or later banned in the country.

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