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Digital Transformation Project: The performance of E-learning methods.

TheLeanSixSigmaCompany is active in the consultancy sector, where they advise, coach and train organizations and individuals the Lean Six Sigma methodology. This methodology offers a framework which allows the organization to continuously improve their business processes in a structured way. By analyzing the business model and the environmental analysis, TLSSC needs to innovate to be able compete in the market. TLSSC currently has a traditional way of educating people and they could increase their performance by introducing e-learning in their business model. Three methods of e-learning, Blended Learning, Virtual Mentor and Virtual Classroom, are analyzed and than graded based on a Balanced Scorecard. Blended Learning is the most traditional of the three, as this entails a combination of tradional physical courses and online learning to complement these traditional courses. Virtual Mentor and Virtual Classroom are completely digitalized, but differ in the way of contact with the instructor. The grading criteria used in this analysis are based on an interview with one of the owners of TLSSC. These objectives are the most important aspects for TLSS and needs to be taken into account when determining a new strategy.


Virtual Classroom achieved the highest score and would be therefore the desired method. Regarding the current state of TLSSC’s operations, Virtual classrooms are not suitable yet for TLSSC. Therefore TLSSC should start with implementing Blended Learning, which still incorporates part of the traditional way of teaching, one of the core values of TLSSC.  Blended learning will help them to extend their courses online, saving time of the trainers. When TLSSC has mastered the concept, their next step will be to gradually implement Virtual Classroom.



The digital health revolution

It is common knowledge that older people need more care and are the main customers of the health care industry. In the near future the baby boomers are retiring, which leads to a new problem in the healthcare industry. Is there enough capacity for the retiring baby boomers? And how will we bridge the gap off having less people to serve more people who need care?

The digital health revolution is the key solution. The health care industry is one of the industries where most processes are based on outdated techniques. There is still a lot of space for improvement, fortunately there are some revolutionary ideas to bring healthcare into the modern age.

In 2014 the U.S healthcare industry reached a funding amount of $3.5 billion to fund digital health startups. There are many ongoing innovations, too much to assess all. After reading a paper on the innovations in the healthcare industry I became very interested in an innovation based on big data. Epic is one of the organizations that began to tackle the challenge of monitoring and maintaining health data. Monitoring and maintaining this data could help doctors to recognize problems in an early stage, which enables easier treatment.

With the launch of the IOS 8 mobile operating system on an iPhone, a new feature is released. The health app. This app stores various types of our health data. Creating a large platform that connects all this health data on a daily basis will create a powerful information resource for health care providers and researchers.


You might think, how is this related to Epic? Well, Epic is running pilot programs for high-risk patients, it makes the data of the health app accessible for doctors. 23 Hospitals have rolled out this pilot program of Apple’s HealthKit service connected to the software of Epic. This service acts as a repository for patient-generated health information like blood pressure, weight or heart rate. This system allows doctors to watch for early signs of trouble and intervene before a medical problem becomes acute. It could help to avoid repeat admissions at a relatively low cost.

This is one of the hundreds of innovations that will allow the health care industry to prepare themselves for the baby boom tsunami. What do you think, will we be ready for this huge tsunami?

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Is Twitter able to survive?

Nowadays, we cannot think of a world without social media. For most people in the Netherlands social media is part of their daily activities, it plays a huge part in everyday life. Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are the leading social networks in the Netherlands and are very visible and present for most people. But how is Twitter doing? Last year they were not part of the daily conversation and their presence in a positive way in news and magazines was very low.

Twitter has performed very poorly last year and their stock prices has dropped from $36,56 on 1 January 2015 till $24,68 on 1 October 2015. This is an decrease of 32,5% in 9 months which is very large for a company like Twitter which had generated a large brand awareness over the previous years.


How is this dramatic decrease established and which factors influenced this decrease? How can it be that Twitter is far behind on for example Facebook?

Twitter still does not have a permanent CEO to lead the company, since 1 July 2015 Costolo, the former CEO, stepped down. To increase investor confidence, strong, competent, and above all consistent leadership is required. Besides the absence of a CEO Twitter lacks innovations and there is still no strategy for how to go forward. There is almost zero user growth and Twitter experiences a lot of competition from Facebook and Instagram. For example Instagram is distinguishing themselves from competition by offering a wide range of possibilities to modify you own pictures. Twitter must find a way to generate more value for its users, or else the stock price will continue to decrease. If this stock price declines too far, Twitter will become a takeover target. It will become attractive for other social media platforms to take over Twitter in order to increase their customer base or extend their options and features.

In my opinion Twitter is in desperate need of a good CEO, a good CEO is a key factor in creating a sustainable and profitable company. What do you think, are there more options to save Twitter from a takeover?


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