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Xbox One SWOT (platform mediated networks)

In this blog we discuss Xbox one strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (platform mediated networks). What do you think about this analyses?




Large user base:

Microsoft previous console Xbox360 has sold almost 85 million units. Xbox is well known brand in the gaming industry so it is easier to introduce a new product to the market. There is lots of potential for the product.


Xbox Live:

Microsoft first introduced Xbox Live in 2002. It was first console online service in the market. Many critics have stated that it’s still the best online experience in the console market. This is the service how Microsoft can differentiate from its competitors.




Too US-centric:

Most of the Xbox One sales come from USA. USA is really big market area but it’s still too small market to get enough money to cover all the cost that designing and marketing new gaming device take. Also every new feature that comes to the Xbox One is firstly launched in USA. Maybe after year or so the same feature comes to the European market. There are 500 million consumers in the Europe (, 2014) so there is a really huge market opportunity.




After 14 years china removed their console ban and Xbox One had first-mover advantage (, 2014). They were first company that start selling video game consoles (Xbox One) after that ban. $13 billion Chinese gaming market (, 2014) has lot of future potential and first-mover advantage is really big opportunity to any gaming company. Microsoft also has some brand visibility in China due to their other non-gaming products.


Xbox Live:

Xbox Live unite players all around the world. With this service Microsoft can also start selling games and other products directly to the customer. In the future they can change console markets and cut all middlemen and start providing different products only this way – digitally.




PlayStation 4:

PS4 is a major competitor for Xbox One. PS4 have same target group and they release similar games for their system. If PS4 wins majority of the market it is possible that game developers start to release games mainly on PS4 and gamers choose PS4 platform. It is really important to grow Xbox One install base at the beginning of the life cycle and beat PS4 in the major markets.


Game markets:

Consoles are only one platform to play games. People are moving to play games with different devices like tablets and mobile phones. The change is already seen in handheld markets and it’s only a matter of time when people find cheaper and not so time consuming ways to play games.


WEDG – a personal server


Everybody has read stories about Apple iCloud security breaches (celeb nude picture leaks), years-long Snowden saga etc. As we can see privacy is becoming an ever-hotter topic in the tech realm. Nowadays security breaches are serious problem for every company and companies put more security measures in place to keep its users’ data safe. Apple and other large firms are using more and more money to protect their customers’ private data. Wedg has seen potential market opportunity. Wedg is a self-hosted storage and email device, with sync and share features for cloud storage, plus support for media streaming, and website and app hosting. It is a personal cloud device which sits in your home so your data doesn´t have to be stored in a third-party repository just so you can access your own files on your phone or when away from home. Wedg is a private cloud which means your data doesn’t sit in a vulnerable data center. Wedg is currently in development and it is priced at £219 for pro version (Intel) or £149 for ARM-based version.

What does it do?

  • Security & encryption

– 512-bit disk encryption activated the moment first log-in

  • Email
  • Storage, sync & share
  • Media streaming
  • Apps capable

– open platform for developers to create apps

  • Host website
  • Business analytics tools

– install tools like CRM (avoid monthly subscription fees)

  • Bitcoin wallet capabilities

– Bitcoin wallet support


So what do you think? Is there a potential market opportunity for this kind of device? In my opinion there is because as we have seen security breaches are not anymore a rare problem. Price for the device is not high and customers have safe place to storage their data. I think key benefits for the device are: easy setup, no monthly fees, 1TB storage, protect precious files and share your data only with those you trust etc.




Solar powered cars


The first four-seater, solar-powered vehicle hits the U.S. road (, 2014). The car is a prototype but can this be next mass market technology in car industry? The car is called Stella and it was built at Eindhoven University of Technology in Holland. The goal was to build a solar powered family car capable to transport four persons and some luggage in a comfortable way.


  • It travels 800km on a single charge at speeds of 130km/h (the distance is increasing if the sun is shining)
  • It weighs 390kg and is 4.6 meters long and 1.2 meters tall
  • Body is made on carbon fiber
  • Stella can communicate with other cars which mean it relayed traffic information to a Tesla Model S nearby and traffic lights as well. There is a tablet screen in the car that tells the driver how long until a light up ahead turns red or green
  • Stella has solar seats on its roof which supply power to the car’s lithium ion battery. Solar panels cost about €3500 to produce

So my question is can this solar-powered car be the next big thing in the car industry or is this only a “nice” prototype or student project? In my opinion this can be one solution for car industry. Of course there are always doubts when “new” technology arrives and tries to break in to the market but I see this can be one solution for the car industry even though this car doesn´t work in countries where isn´t enough sun. Builders of the Stella said that it is possible to make these cars and have them in a showroom in five to 10 year but big auto-makers think that Stella is too far-fetched. The technology of the Stella is not new and mass-produced solar cars could be affordable according to project`s team member.