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‘Obesitas? Infobesitas!’

You’ve probably all heard about obesitas, but never heard of infobesitas. Infobesitas is a ‘disease’ whereby you’ve the fear to miss anything of the great amount of information. Nowadays there are several community platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. which contribute to the infobesitas disease. Perhaps you do it yourself during work or during your lunchbreak: quickly check facebook for news, opening a snapchat, posting a tweet, scrolling through the text messages of WhatsApp. Some are doing it because they are bored, but others might suffer from infobesitas.

The rise of WIFI caused that we as people have a continuous access and a continuous temptation to search/check for new information. The younger generation is more sensitive for stimuli and feedback. Media consumption gets, just as gaming, addictive features.

Yvonne van Sark of Youngworks says that the fear of missing some news has a lot to do with peer pressure: the children are afraid to miss news that all their friends know of. She states that infobesitas has an influence on how a children feels. Research states that someone holds his breath when he opens his e-mail.

Media use and mobile internet are relatively new to the parents. Nearly one on four children gets a mobile phone from their parents between their sixth and eighth year. Fancy parents sometimes send a text message upstairs with the statement that dinner is ready. But on the other hand, parents complain that there is less quality time to talk with each other. Moreover, they complain about their children being easily distracted and having problems with concentrating to finish homework.

The result of infobesitas is fatigue, lack of sleep and concentration problems.

A solution for infobesitas I think could be to remove some applications from your mobile phone, like Facebook. So the only access to Facebook you’ve got left is via the iPad or laptop (which you probably don’t have with you whole day). As mentioned above, people will more socially interact with others as a result of keeping off their mobile phones.

Have you ever heard of infobesitas, and if so, do you suffer from infobesitas? What are the consequences for you in your daily life? How do you think you could resolve your suffering from infobesitas?

Kind regards,

Fabian Overschie, 375226fo

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“New coating cools and increases efficiency solar cells”

A lot of new school buildings seem to have problems with a bad inner climate. Bad airquality and high temperatures during the summer are the most frequent complaints. These symptoms are often contested by ad hoc solutions which are very energy-inefficient (Prendergas & Erdtsieck, 2007). Heat can cause health issues, especially for eldery, chronically ill people and people with overweight. Research has shown that in The Netherlands each year there are extra deaths during periods of ongoing heat (GGD, 2015).

While searching on the Internet, I came across an article about scientists who have developed a technique which could be the solution for the new school buildings, as well for the groups mentioned above, to control the heat during summer.

Scientists of Stanford have developed a transparant coating which cools solar cells. The transparent thin layer is made of silicium. A unique pattern in this layer causes heat being reflected, while sunlight is getting through.

The scientist have applied the coating on a solar cell and conducted an experiment on the roof of the University of Stanford. Because of the coating the solar cell was over more than 30 degrees cooler. A standard solar cell has an efficiency of approximately twenty procent. The decrease of 30 degrees could increase the absolute efficiency of the solar cell with one procent.

The scientists state that the coating works the best at dry, cloudless areas. This is also the place where most solar panels are placed. Beyond this technique, the scientists think there will be more new techniques in the near future to make the solar panels more efficient.

An interesting thing, the coating could also be used for cars. Suppose you would like to buy a black car, but at the same time you would like to have a cool (cool in the sense of temperature) car, this coating is the ideal solution. (Kraaijvanger, 2015)

  • What do you think of this upcoming technique?
  • Are there any cons?
  • For what purposes would you like to make use of this new technique? / Where would you like to see this technique?

Kind regards,

Fabian Overschie, 375226


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