Never miss a mandatory class again?


Every students knows how annoying it is if your schedule does not comply with the schedule that the University had in mind. Mandatory classes at 9.00 a.m. can be a real struggle if the night before turned out to be a bit more fun than you planned.

The courses of the future will be designed to help the poor students with this kind of typical problems. Virtual classrooms will be the way of teaching of the future. The concept entails that all physical aspects are removed and teachers and students are connect through an online platform. This platform will contain all class material digitalized. Furthermore it will contain a platform where students can discuss topics and ask questions to their teacher.

Scientists are taking these virtual classrooms to a whole new level with introducing a groundbreaking 3D hologram technology. The teachers and students will have the impression that they are in a classroom, when they can be anywhere in the world. This hologram will provide a lifelike experience. You will be able to see your teacher and other students that are in the same class.

Even though the technology exists, the implementation will be quit a challenge. First of all, the costs associated with the implementation are very high. Eventually a cost benefit will be that no physical space provided by the school is necessary, however before that is possible, the system needs to be widely adapted. Also, the users of the 3D hologram need to have a fast Internet connection, which can also be a struggle sometimes.

Besides all the financial and technical flaws, a virtual classroom will eliminate the social aspect. People are already communicating tremendous via online application, but are we willing to totally give up face-to-face interaction and only have an online relationship with your classmates?

In my opinion, the whole technology of a 3D hologram sounds very interesting, nevertheless I would not totally give up on the traditional learning. We are slowly creating a world where nobody have to leave his or her house ever as next to all your basic needs as food and clothes who will be delivered at your front door, you can now also stay inside to study and work! What do you think? Would you be willing to try this new way of studying?


One response to “Never miss a mandatory class again?”

  1. 353958bk says :

    Interesting concept!

    I agree with you regarding your perspective of the potential risks or disadvantages. I think one of the main issues is that such a class structure would prohibit students from growing personally, and developing interpersonal skills. For me, one of the main goals in university is to not only learn about theories and gaining practical knowledge, but rather, it offers me a wide array of possibilities to improve my communication and presentation skills, as well as networking. I believe the virtual classroom would hinder personal growth, along with active in-class discussions and critical thinking. As you mentioned, we are moving towards an environment where no one leaves there house, and a virtual class-room would only enhance this. A second issue is the fact that teachers would need to get used to being bombarded with emails and questions, since there would be a significant lack of personal contact. Especially teachers who do not consider themselves tech-savy might have problems with this. Currently, if I have a short question, I can go up to the professor during the break and ask her personally. We are able to clarify the problem much quicker than if everything were to occur online. Apart from these issues, the technical and financial problems are of course significant. Therefore, I do not believe this will be a technology that will be common to universities and schools soon. In my opinion, such a technology could be a valuable addition to physical classes, but I do not think it can completely eliminate the current academic structure.

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