Tongal – Creativity is king!

‘The wisdom of Crowds’ is a book written in 2004 by James Surowiecki. The main point in his book is that diverse groups of people are more capable to make better decisions and predictions than individuals or experts who are acting as independent operators. Also, he shows that the outcomes of work are becoming better when a collection of motivated individuals collaborates in contrast to a small group of like-minded individuals or experts. In order to form a ‘wise’ crowd, there are four required elements:

  1. Diversity of opinion:

Each person should have private information even if it is just an eccentric interpretation of the known facts.

  1. Independence:

People’s opinions are not determined by the opinions of those around them.

  1. Decentralization:

People are able to specialize and draw on local knowledge.

  1. Aggregation:

Some mechanism exists for turning many private judgments into a single collective decision.


Tongal is a crowdsourcing platform founded 2008, based on the assumptions in the book above. Shortly said, the company is a social media platform that uses collaborative contests in order to facilitate video content by crowdsourced creativity. Tongal has a network of content creators and businesses. They connect these content creators to businesses that are interested in alternative online advertising.

In their contests Tongal is using crowdsourcing principles, whereby a group of people work together and nobody has to do all of the work. After each project phase (Idea, Pitch, Video, Prediction, etc) a winner is chosen. This leads to that people who have been excluded from the contest in an early phase will share in the prize pool.

At the moment, Togal has a own community of 50000 creative minds. Tapping creativity out of the crowd is for businesses a way to learn what the crowd really wants. For the creative customer, it is attractive to win big amounts of money. Tongal is the middleman who brings them together. I think this is just the beginning, in the next few years there will be lots more of companies like Tongal.



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